The first book worldwide, written* by A.I. (was it SR12-7W?)

Who does not want to know what a world-wide operating secret service is doing all day? This book can give you a glimpse - at least into the business of a fictitious intelligence agency. You´ll see a variety of characters that you would not necessarily have considered intelligence agents at all unless it's the noble Sir Edward Mortimer of Thorncastle, the director of NOA (National Observation Agency). This is also about the latest unmanned drone equipped with artificial intelligence and its quantum computer, called: "SR12-7W". In Europe, the scientists at EONRE try to find evidence for the String-Theory that claims there are at least 11 dimensions.

To prove this, they are also researching the smallest building blocks of matter, antimatter, and what else is really small. That's why several accidents actually open the doors to other dimensions in a way that scientists do not want or even know of. Unfortunately, more and more otherworldly people are romping in the physical world to significantly increase their influence, which they already had all along. Some do it just for fun, others for the joy of increased power and influence. One of the otherworldly groups is a terrorist group. The disaster is just a touch away, but who pushes the red button first? Fortunately, there is still the so-called "Ghost Command", which is - so to say - a secret agency within a secret agency.

The Ghost Command has the most advanced equipment the world has ever seen and is even capable of time travel. Something that the AMSV (German Office for Military Reconnaissance, Protection, and Prevention) has been researching for years. Nobody knows who the Ghost Command actually belongs to or what they are going to do. But one thing is for sure, they assimilate SR12-7W and kidnap some people from different times to get them into 2019, including William Fox, a passionate pilot. ... Also, a big question is: Why does the Ghost Command kidnap people and put them at different times? The answer to this question probably only knows the agents of the Ghost Command...


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