This is the world's first - and so far only - replica of the internationally known helicopter with the nickname "Lady," including the futuristic-looking computer, several hundred switches and buttons, as well as weapon systems that fill almost the entire interior.

The project is currently under construction, but you can track the status as this website is constantly updated. I plan to recreate the "Lady" from the nose to the back of the computer components in the rear.

The SR56-7W will be built as if the "A-56-7W", that was flickering on television screens around the world, was a cover-up to explain the sightings of the "real" SR56-7W. This means the SR56-7W will get an improved cockpit with more durable displays and other fixes. Other things will be also shown that no one else had ever seen before, because it wasn't even built in the first place. My helicopter is therefore not a 100% replica but has been further developed with the consideration of artistic freedom.

Since there are no templates, each part is unique and handmade by me. When the construction is completed, the helicopter will be about 4.5 meters in length and about 2.3 meters high. It will then serve as a flight simulator and a piece of art.

Brief description of the individual components

SR56-7W will be about 4,5 meters in length, about 2,30 meters high and more than 3,5 meters wide - when completed. The outer shell will be made of fiberglass and epoxy resin. Styrofoam / Styrodur and a wooden "skeleton," which also forms the floors, are used for stabilization and insulation.

TFMC - Tactical Flight Management Center

This is the front area of the helicopter - the cockpit. From there the pilot has access to the A.I.-supported computer systems. The replica will be less technically advanced than the fictional original, but it will look good.

EDCC - Electronic Data Command Center

This is the famous rear area of the helicopter, with all its computer components, a central monitor and a comfortable swivel seat - ideal for long flights through the virtual world.

ADFS - All Direction Firing System

This is the electromagnetic rail cannon that is attached under the belly and could be retracted. On the A56-7W this was meant to be a rocket launcher, but the named weapons would never have fit into the barrels. An electromagnetic rail cannon solves all problems. The devices for loading and extending and retracting the ADFS are made visible in the SR56-7W.

WMG 2050 - Wing Mounted Guns 2050

These are the helicopter's retractable wing weapons. With SR56-7W, you will finally get the answer to how they fit into the stub wings.

Also planned are two "laser cannons" that can burst air balloons, the launching devices for sunburst / chaff, and installation of the flight simulator. At the very end of the building process, permanent wiring of all switches is considered.

Image galleries of the individual components

  • SR56-7W

    Pictures of the SR56-7W from the outside, as well as details of the defensive systems

  • TFMC

    Images of the front cockpit with instrument panel and other things

  • EDCC

    Pictures of the rear area with its numerous displays, switches, and the back-seat

  • ADFS

    Images of the electromagnetic rail cannon (belly rocket launcher) and its loading system

  • WMG 2050

    Images of the wing weapons, retractable into the stub wings

Answers to common questions

  • SR56-7W is in a private household in Germany, NRW

  • If you are totally and seriously interested in visiting the SR56-7W, please write an email

  • The construction process will - hopefully - be finished in 2021-23

  • The EDCC is about 75% complete

  • SR56-7W is full-scale (from nose to end of EDCC)

  • I do not make parts on request

  • There are no plans to sell SR56-7W

  • I am the sole builder of the SR56-7W. This project is unrelated to any other replica other than the ones I make myself.

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