• November 2021 - Changing plans

    Greetings to all.

    I have some good news and some bad news.

    Bad news:

    I wasn´t able to repair the lower part of the nose. As I removed the styrofoam out of the upper part of the nose (with nose scoop), I learned, all the work from more than one year is worth nothing. That part, I thought I would have been able to repair, is still wobbly. After all the years of truly hard work (and lots of money) on that project, with no result - except for big chaos and toxic dust - I decided to end that project (1/1 Airwolf from nose to back of EDCC) in its current form.

    Good news:

    I will continue building/finishing the EDCC for flightsimming, and MAYBE even the front cockpit dashboard (later seasons). But to save it from dust (I´m not in the mood to clean more than 300 buttons every day), I´ll have to change (renovating) the room, first. (The room will get an easy to do sci-fi-look, to simulate some kind of holodeck, which is also cool)

    Another good news:

    You won´t have to wait like 10 years to see all the fancy panels completed. I´ve already started to remove the chaos to make room for the new wallpaper.

    After finishing that, I´ll focus on a bigger model, which will show what I was going to show on my huge project.

    Stay tuned and stay safe.

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    September 2019 - ?

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    September 2019

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    August 2019

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    December 2017

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