The National Observation Agency™ (NOA) is an international-level intelligence service, which is responsible for global monitoring, collecting and processing information, and data, for foreign and domestic intelligence and counterintelligence purposes. It is also tasked with the protection of communications networks and information systems. The NOA relies on a variety of measures to accomplish its mission - the majority of which are clandestine. The National Observation Agency has an executive office and 5 major directorates - each with its own special tasks.

  • The Directorate of Operations...

    ... is known to be organized by geographic regions and issues, such like covert operations. Its precise organization is classified.

  • The Directorate of Analysis...

    ... is tasked with analyzing all available information on an issue and helping policymakers to find the correct decision.

  • The Directorate of Science and Technology...

    ... was established to research and create technical equipment. Many of its innovations were transferred to the military services.

  • The Directorate of Support...

    ... was established to give any kind of support on missions for the Directorate of Operations.

  • The Directorate of Digital Innovation...

    ... is to integrate digital and cybersecurity capabilities into the NOA's espionage and covert action operations.

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People of NOA & Services

Agency executives:

Director of the National Observation Agency: Sir Edward Mortimer of Thorncastle

Deputy Director of the National Observation Agency: Agent Smith

Director of Public Affairs: Agent Gabrielle Sanders

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