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A56-7W versus SR56-7W

It's been a long time since our prototype of Project Proteus - version SR56-7W - got lost in the 1980s. Fans all over the world know this helicopter as A56-7W - the helicopter of a TV- series, which covered-up our SR56-7W.

At least, the mock-up has been preserved and is now living its life in one of our hangars - well protected. However, we thought it was the mock-up but it wasn't. It was the lost SR56-7W. Some of our agents and officers want to keep this piece of history for as long as possible and started to restore it. It will be then accessible for all employees of the National Observation Agency.

You can follow their work on this >website<.

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SR56-7W & A56-7W


Do you wonder, how A56-7W got reloaded? Do you ask yourself 222 questions about the famous stealth-helicopter?

Why don't you buy this book (Din-A 4-size) about Project Proteus?

It comes with around 50 drawings and explanations about all (five) of our top-secret helicopters, including SR56-7W, which is slightly different (almost invisible to most eyes) to A56-7W, but answers many questions. It also includes some material about our newest helicopter - SR12-7W "Silent Wolf."

Get your English Version here:

Die deutsche Version gibt es hier:

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Door Lock Code

One of the NOA's trainees chose the file "SR56-7W", the stealth helicopter that got lost in the 1980s, for his exam, and just deciphered the code to the security system of SR56-7W's doors.

Our ally, "Electronic Evolutions" from Germany, provided him with an old audio file that could be used to listen to the sound of that code. (Please note: it´s a German audio file)

Here is the code:


After pressing the numbers on the door handle, SR56-7W would have played the sound for each digit, including the first note 2 times, as an audio signal to the pilot the code was accepted by the on-board computer system.

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The Real Color

There are many myths about the true color of SR56-7W and its cover-up from Hollywood - known as "The Lady."

Some say, both were painted in black and white, some say they were painted in DuPont Imron 5031X or DuPont Imron 5031K and white, or just "Phantom Grey Metallic."

Fact is, the mysterious color had a large amount of metallic particles in it and a glossy coat. Even slightly different lighting conditions changed the color of the helicopters - from almost black to greenish, in some shots brownish or even with a tint of copper. But not only did the color change under different lighting conditions, it was also pictured different (much darker), due to the camera equipment in the 1980s.

So, who should know it better than the original co-designer of the Hollywood-helicopter? That’s why I asked him.

Andrew Probert’s answer to the question regarding the Lady's true color, which was the same like our helicopter:

“The actual color of AirWolf was “Toyota Green,” from the year it premiered. One of the few facts that stuck in my head because it seemed so weird,… but that was it. The low color (I think) was white. ... The late Art Director, Chuck Davis, chose the color - but never told me why. I’m now thinking (looking at these shots) that maybe that bottom color is a light grey after all.“


Peter McKernan Sr., owner of Jetcopters, who worked on the TV-show "Airwolf" stated in an interview, that he was surprised when he saw the helicopter for the first time, because of its greenish color.


Our trainee is researching the color since early 2018 and he found pics of Toyota cars from the early 1980s as an example of the color "Toyota Green." But his researches aren't done with this information. He found a color, which is still available, and it has the ability to change the color range like Airwolf’s color (which is very confusing for the eyes, because it can change the color within seconds!).

But that newly found color has to undergo some more tests and to be verified, yet.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: 24. August 2019

The first test series were successful.

UPDATE: 30. December 2019

The test series under different weather- and lighting conditions where all successful. So, the Director of the National Observation Agency, approved the color, which will be used to restore SR56-7W.

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A56-7W / SR56-7W

Dosimeter Badge

When SR56-7W was completed in 1983, it included a medical device attached to the upper left side of the special flight suit. It recorded the vital signs of the crew and sent it to the monitoring system of SR56-7W.

A prototype version of a WPAN system transmitted the data directly to the on-board computers. In case of medical issues of the pilot, the autopilot took over control. The middle part (screen) acted as a passive radiation warning sign and changed its color (glowing greenish) when radiation was detected. SR56-7W, which had an advanced Artificial Intelligence, would have done some countermeasures, like cleaning the air of the crew cabin.

Andrew Probert - the designer of A56-7W and the flight suits, told us this is - in fact - a medical device. No radiation was mentioned. All rumors about the badge as a radiation warning sign are wrong.

Please note that the design of this badge changed during the seasons of the TV series, unlike our badge! © 2016-2021 ~~~ National Observation Agency™ => TM = Total Mysteriös

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