There was a second Airwolf, which couldn´t fly, but was filled with computers - the "Stage Lady" or "Studio Bird" ( N9988K ).

This Bell 222 was the first built Bell 222, and was heavily modified to look like the following Bell 222, except its nose. You can see the different angles of the noses.

The Studio Bird was located at the Universal Studios, Hollywood.

The lair interior was actually "Stage 27".

In season 1-3 the pilots cockpit wasn´t that modified. The co-pilots cockpit ( E.D.C.C. - Electronic Data Command Center ) was full of fancy computers. During the seasons, the E.D.C.C. was changed every then and now and even got a CD-Rom drive / CD burner during the major re-designing, which was pretty new in the 80s. The E.D.C.C. was designed by Andrew Probert ( you can see him in some photos ).

Later, the front cockpit was new designed and built by "Kesign Design Consulting".

For shooting the episode "Airwolf II", some buttons of the instrument panels in the front cockpit were temporarily changed, in order to simulate the cockpit of Redwolf - with other colors than Airwolf.

Unfortunately, after season 4, this beauty and great piece of history was scrapped, dumped and perhaps burned down in the great fire of the Studios.

Only the side panels and nose scoop of the flying Airwolf survived and are hidden somewhere in the USA.

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