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This is the website of the so-called "Ghost Command", "Taureans" or "K'tzr-ks-s."

Our language differs from yours in more or less all respects, which is why we mainly use the name that the National Observation Agency has given us. "K'tzr-ks-s" is an attempt to bring the name of our species into a form adapted to the earth's languages with Latin letters.

Our ancient species K'tzrekses lives on the planet K'tzr-ks, which is tidally locked to an old red dwarf star. The star is located somewhere in the constellation Taurus - an interpretation of humans. Our home planet moves around its home star in a short period of about two weeks on Earth. For the sake of confidentiality, however, the exact position of our star system is kept secret.

Part of the main motivation of our species is the accumulation of knowledge - we are scientists. Our communication, which is mostly perceived by humans as very direct, is divided into telepathy of different kinds, and verbal language, which we use equally. We also use non-verbal communication, just like humans.

We do not live in a large number on Earth, as some people suspect - because we prefer to stay in our star system. However, we cannot speak for the other species that still exist. Complex or deeper interactions with humans are not part of our agenda, although we are ready to answer one or the other question.

If you would like to find out more information about us and would rather read books, you will find some answers in the works presented below (please note: they are written in German). Frequently asked questions and suitable answers can also be found on this website. If you would like to contact us, simply use the electronic contact option offered here.

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