This is the world's first and - to this date - only replica of the Lady's EDCC.

The project is divided into three main parts:

  • Fuselage & Defense Systems

  • EDCC & Front Cockpit

  • Fake weapons

I´m going to build the front part of the fuselage (from nose to the back of the EDCC) from scratch, for flight-simming, as a piece of art, and for creating a suitable home for my EDCC and front cockpit area. The whole artwork will be more than 4,5 meters in length and more than 2,3 meters high.

My replica will be built as SR56-7W, as if A56-7W was just a cover-up for the real top-secret helicopter - called "SR56-7W." Therefore, I will call the Lady "SR56-7W" and I am going to change things slightly, supplement other things, make the EDCC more durable, and fill in the logical gaps that existed within the TV series. As such, my EDCC won't be a replica per definition (exact copy of an original with all details, including imperfections.)

SR56-7W will be able to explain how:

  • the ADFS (ADF-Pod) gets reloaded

  • missiles can fit into the small tubes of the ADFS

  • why there is always shown a glowing "fire-missile" in the TV-Show

  • how the guns can be retracted into the wings

  • and some more...

This is a long-term project, for sure, but I'm on it...

In the meantime, you will get to see photos of my unfinished work. When it's finished, I'll show photos of the finished project, of course.

Below this text, you will see the single stages of my project:

  • If the text is red, it has to be done.

  • If the text is blue, I'm working on it.

  • If the text is grey, it's finished or it´s a random text.

  • If the text is black and bold, and you can see some smoke, I blew up that whole thing.

Please note: I am the sole creator of this project. It has no relation to other Airwolf-related replicas, except for the ones I made and that are shown on this website.

Building Process in %

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Overview of the parts planned to build

Retractable /extendable wing mounted guns (WMG2050)

Openable missile bays (starboard / port) with dummy-missile

Openable defensive pod

Extendable / retractable ADFS / ADF-Pod (All Direction Firing System) including loading system and missile rack.

Front cockpit (TFMC / Tactical Flight Management Center) with futuristic dashboard.

Retractable / extendable directed energy weapon (with real laser to pop air-ballons)

Full scale fuselage (inside & outside) - mainly made of epoxy resin, glass fiber fabric & carbon fiber and perhaps some hidden cameras.

Full scale replica of the EDCC (Electronic Data Command Center)

Electronics bay & radar

Camera cluster (starboard / port) (perhaps with functioning surveillance camera)

Openable doors with vomit bags.

Extendable / retractable stubwing-tips

The "Battle Plan"


I've studied as much as I could, to build the fuselage. My first idea was to build an incomplete fuselage - just the walls and upper parts - but I didn't like the idea that much. That's why I'm going to build a full 3D fuselage as if I would build a boat or a helicopter. ... Err... Nevermind.

After building the frame of the fuselage, I'm going to fill the holes of the frame, to get a closed cabin. Then I'll reinforce the fuselage with materials which are used for real helicopters and A56-7W. This part is probably as difficult to build as the whole EDCC. I don't know, yet (Yes. It is. Now I know.).

The fuselage will be built in parts:

- Nose: Hood + scoop, mid-air "refuelling" tube, hinges

- Nose: Bottom part, 2 windows, landing gear well,2 pitot tubes, mini tubes, vent holes, hinges, radar, electronics bay

- Nose: "Ring" and first part of belly, cable tunnels, ribs, tubes

- Belly 1: Belly, cable tunnel, well for ADF(S)-Pod, sliding door & rails for ADFS

- Belly 2: Belly, missile bay port, door, hinges, missile bay starboard, door, hinges

- Stub wing port, openable end-cap, landing gear well

- Stub wing starboard, openable end-cap, landing gear well

- Sidewall port, hidden door to EDCC, side panel (front), side panel (back), jet intake

- Sidewall starboard, side panel (front), side panel (back), jet intake

- Pilot door, window, door handle, openable window

- Co-Pilot door, window, door handle, openable window

- Front window, frame

- Upper cowlings: 1,2,3, window port & starboard

- Engine intakes: port, starboard


This stage of the project will be about building the front cockpit area, without the dashboard and instrument panels.

Building the front dashboard and instrument panels.

Building the front dashboard cover.

Building the control sticks:

1 cyclic stick

1 cyclic stick

1 "fancy" collective stick

1 "normal" collective stick

2 thrust controls

Building the seats:

1 starboard

1 port


Before I started building the first parts of the EDCC, I created a virtual model of the EDCC. Then I draw all-new blueprints for all panels. Fortunately, I was able to use them to build the EDCC in life-size, since they had the correct size when printed. Getting measurements of a real Bell 222, and some insider-information was also very helpful.

The EDCC is finished to around 75%.

The next step is building a substantial frame which I will build around the EDCC to replace the old frame. The "frame" will be the fuselage. After building the fuselage, I will be able to build the other parts, such as the main monitor console.

Building a new main monitor console for the EDCC, and the main monitor housing. The fancy keyboard (Workslate) is already on board. I will have to create everything from scratch since the real one was built that way, too.

Building the control sticks:

2 thrust controls

Building the back-seat next to the EDCC

WMG 2050

Cannons & guns: Retractable (port, starboard)

ADFS & Other

- ADFS-Pod (retractable - in theory, interior of ADFS well with rails to extend ADFS-Pod, service door with access to ADFS-Pod and loading system)

- Rails for reloading the ADFS-Pod, missile rack with fake missiles behind the EDCC

- Missile bays interior (starboard, port, fake missiles)

Defensive Systems

Openable sunburst & chaff (port, starboard)



- Interior walls front

- Interior walls middle

- Interior walls back

- Roof front

- Roof back

- Wall behind the EDCC (wall, door)


Installing hard- and software for flight-simming.

Wiring the buttons

Fun Fact

Some people think my EDCC replica is just CGI or even a scale model in 1/48, that's why I took some photos for evidence. I still think it's funny to assume, my EDCC is 1/48 scale.

I would be a true 1/48 scale master and could get very rich with my talent. Unfortunately, it's all in 1/1 scale, as you can see above. The scale model is from Aoshima and 1/48. © 2016-2020 ~~~ National Observation Agency™ => TM = Total Mysteriös

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