This is the world's first and - to this date - only replica of the Airwolf EDCC.

"The Airwolf Project" is divided into 3 main parts:

1. Fuselage


3. Weapons

I´m going to build the front part of the Airwolf fuselage (nose to end of the EDCC/wings) from scratch, for flight-simming, as a piece of art, and for creating a suitable home for my EDCC and front cockpit area. The whole artwork will be more than 4,5 meters in length and more than 2,2 meters high.

My replica will be built as if A56-7W had been real and not part of a TV series. It's like a mock-up of the FIRM, so to say. Therefore, I am going to change things slightly, supplement other things, make the EDCC more stable, and fill in the logical gaps that existed within the TV series.

This is a long-term project, for sure, but I'm on it...

In the meantime, you will get to see photos of my unfinished work. When it's finished, I'll show photos of the finished project, of course.

Below this text, you will see the single stages of my project.

If it's in red, it has to be done.

If it's blue, I'm working on it.

If it's white, it's finished.

If it's black and you can see some smoke, I blew up that whole thing.

Please note: I am the sole creator of this project. It has no relation to other Airwolf-related replicas, except for the ones I made and are shown on this website.

The Battle Plan

Before I started building the first parts of the EDCC, I built a virtual model of the EDCC. Then I created all-new blueprints of all panels. Fortunately, I was able to use my blueprints to build the EDCC, since they had the correct size. Getting measurements of a real Bell 222 was also very helpful.

Building the EDCC.

The EDCC is finished to around 75%.

The next step is building a substantial frame which I will build around the EDCC to replace the old frame. The "frame" will build the fuselage. After building the fuselage, I will be able to build the other parts, such as the main monitor console.

I've studied as much as I could, to build the fuselage. My first idea was to build an incomplete fuselage - just the walls and upper parts - but I didn't like the idea that much.

That's why I'm going to build a full 3D fuselage as if I would build a boat/ship.

After building the frame of the fuselage, I'm going to fill the holes of the frame, to get a closed cabin. Then I'll reinforce the outer layer. This part is probably as difficult to build as the whole EDCC. I don't know, yet.

Building the main monitor console of the EDCC. I will have to create everything from scratch since the real one was built that way, too.

This stage of the project will be about building the front cockpit area, without the dashboard and instrument panels.

Building the front dashboard and instrument panels.

Beautification of the interior.

Building the front dashboard cover.

Building all control sticks:

1 cyclic stick

1 cyclic stick

1 "fancy" collective stick

1 "normal" collective stick

2 thrust controls

2 thrust controls

Building the seats:

1 back-seat next to the EDCC

2 front-seats

Installing hard- and software for flight-simming.

Building the ADF-Pod, missile bays on starboard and port, cannons and self-defence-pod. This will be the third big part of this project.

Wiring the buttons.

Some people think my EDCC replica is just CGI or even a scale model in 1/48, that's why I took some photos for evidence. I still think it's funny to assume, my EDCC is 1/48 scale. I would be a true 1/48 scale master and could get very rich with my talent. Unfortunately, it's all in 1/1 scale, as you can see above. The Airwolf model is from Aoshima and 1/48.


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* Please note:

I'm getting many messages where these buttons can be found. Many people wanted me to do this or to help with that. There were also some people who wanted me to sew a S1/S2 deluxe flight suit, but weren't willing to pay for it, because I've got the wrong name. It should have cost as much as the ones available on big online-shops of less accuracy.

So I helped and wrote / built / sew things and didn't even get paid.

These people weren't people who really needed help. They just thought: "He could do this for me so that I don't need to do that."

That's it, folks! That's why I don't make things for others anymore. That's also why I don't answer messages anymore, if they are sent in the meaning I just mentioned above.

Here are some wisdoms for those people:

1. Use your own brain

2. Use your own hands

3. If you want to buy some awesome - pay for it

4. Only YOU are responsible for your actions

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